Modern Marketing
Social Media, B2C Communications

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The new marketing paradigm: content, transparency, availability, regularity 

You're busy! You run the company, design the products, deal with all the day to day business - or all of the above. You're unsure of digital and print marketing best practices, might not be entirely clear on what exactly a CRM is, and certainly are not using a social property scheduler and aggregator to manage your social media presence - let alone have the time to actually create or search for content. That's where we come in. 

Fairchild Sound works with you to distill the essential selling points and value propositions of the product you design, manufacture, or sell, going deep into the gear and company philosophy to understand the specs, get to know the equipment intimately, and portray your work in the best possible light.

Platforms for your messaging can include: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, focus-specific forums, print media and more. 

I have professionally managed marketing campaigns and materials for a number of top tier companies in the MI field, including Behringer, Bugera, Genzler Amplification, Sonic Nuance Electronics, The Bass Place, and others. 

With years of experience in social media account and forum administration, the ability to write compelling web copy that speaks directly to your consumer and demographic, and skill with creative software applications, I offer the know how and passion to drive your marketing efforts to success.

Contact me to discuss your needs and the solutions that may fit them