skype/remote and in-person bass guitar lessons

private & group instruction, clinics


Lessons for motivated players and the bass-curious alike
that help you make real progress toward your goals

I offer a complimentary 15 minute in person or Skype meet-and-greet, “getting to know you” session to all my new students! It’s important for the student-teacher dynamic to be strong and conducive to learning, and I strongly support a prospective student’s right to find the teacher that’s right for him or her.

I am available for regular instruction on the bass guitar in group, single in-person, and remote/Skype lessons, and welcome students of all ages and abilities. I teach from my home studio, where all the tools needed are available (including instruments if the student doesn't yet have one).

Current rates are highly competitive for the Seattle area:
$55 per hour, $30 per half hour

Discounts for monthly and semi-annual packages may apply. Please get in touch to discuss your needs and goals!

I believe in a holistic approach to music education; the bass guitar will be the focal point, but you will also learn the tools and skills that will make you an effective player in this team sport; music theory and application, reading notation, playing technique (including advanced articulation), music appreciation and genre studies, and more. However, the approach we take can also be based upon your specific interests and goals! 

My first and dearest teacher, the late-but-great James Michael Thomas, taught me the importance of being a musician first and a bassist second. I'm happy to continue this wonderful ideology and tradition, to make you the best musician you can be.

Contact me to take the first step along your path today 

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Student Testimonials

"I've been playing bass for 10 years, gigging for most of that. After I started having some wrist pain, I sought out an expert to help with my form. Sean found the problem almost immediately and gave me a bunch of tips for correct posture and wrist placement. Since the lesson, I've had a lot less pain. He also squeezed in some great tips on finger placement and ways to navigate the fretboard that I've never seen before. I'll be back for sure!" - Jon H.

"Sean's musical instruction has exceeded my expectations in every way. Most importantly he has assisted me in overcoming the bad habits I gained over the course of 30 years. Sean's exemplary tutoring and bass instruction has improved my playing significantly in a short time and everyone has noticed. He has opened new possibilities for me as a player I never knew existed. He's that good." -Hugh G.

"After learning bass on my own for 5 years, mostly by playing in cover bands, I'd reached a point where I wanted more knowledge of music theory. I booked a couple of lessons with Sean through an online promotion that he offered, and what a deal I got! Sean is a very kind and patient teacher. He has a wealth of knowledge to offer but he shares it with me as if we are equals. I continue to take lessons with Sean because he's definitely making me a better bass player." -Mark H.