Electronic Press Kit, Sean Fairchild - Bassist & Vocalist


Full Name:  Sean Patrick Fairchild
DOB:  12-20-1980
Email:  sean@seanfairchild.com
Web:  www.seanfairchild.com


Facebook:  www.facebook.com/sean.p.fairchild
YouTube:    www.youtube.com/user/spfairchild
Instagram:  www.instagram.com/seanonbass
Twitter:      www.twitter.com/seanonbass
Talkbass:   www.talkbass.com/members/spfairchild.63902/


Current Bands & Projects:  Miller CampbellDylan Jakobsen, Elton/Joel, Aline Vida, Mr. BlueCombinatorLa Klave 11

Sean lives and breathes bass. He has dedicated his life to the advancement and pursuit of mastery of the bass guitar, and is constantly learning and growing as a musician. Initially given an electric bass at the impressionable age of 13 by a family friend in Tokyo, Japan, Sean has spent nearly every day since with some kind of instrument in his hands. 

He would later discover a great love for singing as well, which, combined with his natural inclination towards leadership and his highly sociable personality, has allowed Sean to enjoy a career not only as a successful sideman for artists from all walks of life, but as a frontman in his own projects as well.

Professional Experience

Currently endorsed by MTD Basses, Genzler Amplification, Bartolini Pickups, GHS strings, Tsunami Cables, and Sonic Nuance Electronics, Sean has toured and played internationally with artists and shows of all varieties. Additionally, he teaches private lessons and clinics, and has worked with several major manufacturers in the MI (Musical Instruments) industry.

Fairchild Sound:  An Emmy award-winning teaching and performance venture, founded in 2008. Private lessons and hire-out performances on offer. 

DigiPen Institute of Technology:  Clinician, Advanced Bass Guitar Concepts & Applications, via Adjunct Professor, Bass - Matthew Wexler.

Touring, Performance, and Recording: Dylan Jakobsen, Elton/Joel, Aline Vida, Mr. BlueCombinator, Daniel Kirkpatrick & The Bayonets, Zarni, Hayley Sales, Jonny SonicState of the Artist, La Klave 11, Rootbox, Sophia Records/Peter BowesSam Russell, Unsound America.

Marketing Communications and Channel Marketing for both Mackie/Ampeg (LOUD) and Behringer/Bugera (MUSIC Group), involving public relations and demos as product specialist, emcee at NAMM and other industry events, forum and social media reach out, channel partner relationship management.
See this audience video of Sean serving as emcee and interviewing incredible artists such as Doug Wimbish, Victor Wooten, Norwood Fisher, Eric McFadden, Eric Gales, Rappers Delight (members of the Sugar Hill Gang) and more during the Behringer-sponsored "WimBash NAMM 2015"


  • NAMM 2019, Anaheim: Product demos at the Genzler Amplification booth, press coverage with Bass Gear Magazine
  • Touring with Miller Campbell
  • Hammersmith Music Roadshow with Andy Irvine and Remco Hendriks representing Genzler Amp
  • Bass Gear Magazine: Writing tech-minded bass gear reviews of new and exciting equipment; ongoing
  • Recordings with Aline Vida, Dylan Jakobsen, Combinator, several others planned in near future
  • Performances: Various artists on first-call basis in NW
  • Teaching, clinics: ongoing

Media & Press


Audio selections are available here, on this site's media page


Selection of YouTube videos (see Sean's channel for full video list)

Selected Discography

With Combinator: Vice & Passion EP, 2013; Allsound, 2016
With La Klave 11: Sabor y Ritmo, 2013
With State of the Artist: “Give to Get Some” from Altered State, 2011
With Shannon Hart Reed: Emmy award-winning music for “Kites Over Washington” short film, 2010
With Tony Gavilanes (TonyG): Synchronicity, 2011
With wRIGHT BROTHERS: 4 Aces, 2008
With Sophia Records/Father Peter Bowes: Dancing in the Fire, Miracle of Hours, Holy Passion, 2004-2008
With Changes Daily: Fairly Live, 2003
Numerous Eps, albums, and singles with: Discordia, Rootbox, Hayley Sales, Sam Russell and the Harbor
Rats, The Odd Nasty, et al


Current Endorsements

MTD Basses

Bartolini Pickups