(bass, vocals, writing, production)

Combinator is a Seattle-based, soulful, funky rock band.

Combinator wants you, and takes what it wants. It will aurally seduce you with its sticky tendrils of funk and soul, pound your chest while spanking your butt with its punishing rock sensibility, and awaken your palette with its savory, worldly flavors. For out of the depths of the murky bog of stank which the forebearers did create many years ago, has crawled Combinator - the harbinger of vice and passion.

Combinator is coming, and there will be no mind, body, or spirit left unmoved.


La Klave Once Salsa Orquesta
(bass, vocals)

"Orquesta La Klave 11" is a spectacular live show where young musicians have joined their  musical talents to show our audience and fans  most latin genres: from Salsa, Cumbia, Merengue, Bachata, to Vallenato, and many other afro-caribean  and latin american rhythms.

Their sound and style are unique thanks to Alejandro Moises "el Cantante" with his incomparable voice who under the direction of Charlie Castilla and after many years of sharing their music talents decided to make reality the ultimate  show in 2011. La Klave 11 Orchestra brings to the Pacific Northwest and to the world a "salsa de barrio" like the salsa precursors meant it.



     past & occasional