You could say I haven't really gone down the traditional path. Born in Malaysia and spending years living and traveling abroad, I developed a strong interest in the many musical forms and tonalities of Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America (I appreciate good ol' American tunes as well).

After settling in Washington with my family in 1989, I immediately took advantage of the availability of unusually well-funded school music programs, developed my own bands and recording projects, studied music and ethnomusicology at the University of Washington in Seattle, and began teaching bass guitar lessons.

I remain very active in the Seattle music scene, performing with various groups and continuing to record on session dates when available. I'm lucky enough to have been awarded an Emmy for my work with Women in Film Seattle/ Credit Unions of Washington, and have performed at high profile venues and festivals in the Northwest and beyond, including Seattle's Folklife Festival, Key Arena, CenturyLink Field, and famed Showbox. I've also appeared on stages in Asia and Europe.

Never one to rest on my laurels, I continuously seek to broaden my horizons through employing new technology for live performances and recordings, as well as pushing the envelope technically on the electric bass. My first and most beloved teacher, the late-but-great James Michael Thomas, taught me that I should be a musician first and a bassist second. I go for what sounds good to me, regardless of what the current attitude may be. Attitudes have a funny way of changing.

I currently man the helm of Fairchild Sound, an award-winning production studio and performance venture, from my home studio in the Seattle area. Please feel free to contact me for info and availability regarding your performance, recording, or touring project.

But seriously - no yodeling or tax preparation gigs, please.