I'm available for recording sessions, both physically present and remote, and offer competitive rates customized to your project. Whole album and multi-piece discounts apply. Aside from vocals and electric bass guitar, I regularly plays and record:
•Ethnic stringed instruments (Erhu/Tro, Ud, etc)

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Need any of the above instrumentation for your scheduled performance or series of performances? You've come to the right place! I am highly adept in many musical styles and genres, including:
•Rock (need we say this?)
•Samba/Bossa Nova

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When scheduling permits, I'm also available for regular instruction on the bass guitar, and welcome students of all ages and levels. I teach from my home studio, where all the tools that might be needed are at the ready (including instruments if the student isn't possessed of one). Rates are very competitive, and discounts for monthly and semi-annual packages may apply. Please get in touch to discuss your needs and goals.