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Authentic product demos and video production from an actual player and gear enthusiast's perspective

Using a variety of professional photography, videography, and production tools, I craft multimedia collateral pieces that maximize value and attract viewership. Video is the king of content, and content is at the center of the modern marketing paradigm. 

You design, manufacture, or sell musical equipment - needless to say, that's more than a full time job. You may not have the tools at your disposal or free time available in order to properly introduce or advertise your product, but the world needs to see it, hear it, and understand it nonetheless! Fairchild Sound works with you to distill the essential marketing points and value propositions, understand the specs, get to know the equipment intimately, and portray your incredible work in the best possible light.

This service goes hand in hand with my Modern Marketing program offerings. Having worked professionally in the MI (Musical Instrument) field with a number of top name companies, I have years of experience in social media account/forum administration, writing compelling web copy, consumer targeting, and far more.

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Jeff Genzler is a beloved figure in the bass community for his work on great-sounding, durable, portable Class D amps. He's back with a new company, Genzler Amplification-check out this overview of the new Magellan 800 head, a 6-pound Class D amp with broad tonal versatility.
Brief demo of the Honey Badger Heavy Hitter (HH) soapbar in-line split coil pickups, which are designed to sound like a modern and hum-free interpretation of the traditional jazz single coil, compared with the Delano SBC 6 HE/S dual coil pickups in single coil mode (which are true single coils when used in this mode, but employ bar magnets rather than pole pieces).
Sean Fairchild takes you through his thoughts and sonic experiments with the all new Genzler Amplification BASS ARRAY12-3 bass cabinet. Examples include diverse styles and tones: flat, natural response; bridge pickup mid-focused finger funk; neck pickup modern tone slapping; gritty tube-driven pick playing, powerful bassy salsa and more.

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